Friday, 7 October 2011

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Helen Stephens - Director

As a Director of from you to me, I work with a great bunch of people to design, write, publish and sell our wonderful journals.

I started my working life at 14 working at the local gift stationers in my home town in Louth, Lincolnshire. I am a State Register Chiropodist although I don’t practice these days.  I retrained in my mid 20’s and since then I have held a number of roles in large organisations. I was fortunate to join the telecoms company Orange at the start of the mobile telecoms revolution, which gave me a great insight into how a successful business works.

I love family history and have researched a branch of my family tree back to the 1500’s.  I love discovering information about people and was so excited when we discovered my Great Grandfathers World War I diary in an attic.  I am passionate about recording information for my daughter and I have recorded information since the day I discovered I was pregnant.

I love creating beautiful journals and hope that people love completing them and this is how I would choose to answer the following question in the journals:

A few of my favourite things:

The smell of fresh laundry hanging on a washing line ...

The sound of small children laughing ...
The view of any port after a rough day at sea ...
The taste of warm, freshly made bread with melting butter ...
The feel of the wind in my hair ...


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